2015.01. Judit & Ryan pre wedding shoot

Everything happens for a reason…

Judit and Ryan’s story started two years ago when Judit went to work to Denver, Colorado  for a year. She enjoyed her work and life there.  On a snowy evening  she met Ryan in Cielo where they both lived . Of course they fell in love with each other, and that day changed the rest of their life.  Judit found her love and happiness 10.000 km far from her home. I belive, that things do not happen by chance  when you give God room to work in your life.

…and  one thing leads to another  :)… They are going to get married in July and I am going to photograph their wedding. I wish I could go to Colorado to take pictures of the wedding, but Ryan seems to be a gentleman. He is coming here to say ’’ YES’’ to Judit.




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  1. revelle 2015-02-17 at 23:44 #

    Love it!!!! love the song and the theme of the session! you can see the love between Judit and Ryan 🙂 Great Job!

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